Fun facts about rare earth magnets

Rare earth magnets are basically all the magnets which are permanent and are made from all the alloys of all the rare earth metals. Earth magnets were first discovered in the year 1970. Generally, the magnetic field of a rare earth metal is about 1.4 Tesla, which is very strong. The rare earth metal discovery started from the year 1966 in the United States Air Force Materials Laboratory. After the discovery of yttrium by G. Hoffer and K.J. Strnat the rare earth metals were discovered. Most of the rare earth metals are found in China and are spread unevenly across the globe.

Rare earth metals are very useful in nature. Rare earth metals are used for holding different notes and pictures to fridges. The best thing about rare earth metals is that it is it is not that expensive and it is generally used in televisions, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, telephones and home stereo systems. The most important feature of rare earth metals is all the like poles repel each other and all the unlike poles attract each other. According to research, it is found out that all the earth magnets get magnetized due to a force of current from the center of the earth which is filled with liquid. The current helps to create the biggest electromagnet out of the rare earth metals.


Facts about rare earth metals

• The magnetic field of the earth is just like a bar magnet set at the center of the earth
• The rare earth metals are generally made from the mixture of nickel, cobalt, and iron
• Rare earth metals can be found in any form or shape.
• The properties of the magnet are strongest at both the north ends and south end of the rare earth metal.
• The reason for the earth magnets strength is because of its rare earth metal composition.
• All the rare earth metals will only attract magnetic objects and not anything else.
• There are a few types of magnets found which are permanent magnets, temporary magnets, and electro magnets
• Permanent magnets are generally hard in nature
• Temporary magnets are generally soft in nature
• Magnets are generally made of crystals

Magnets were discovered a long time back but it took researchers a lot of time to figure out all the composition and behaviour of magnets. Magnetite is basically almost 55 million years old and they are mainly the composition of rare earth metals. Magnetite is generally found in the bed of the oceans. The most interesting fact is the whole earth is basically a big magnet and it acts as a magnet because of the current that is created from the liquid inside the core of the earth. Right now China is doing a lot of research on developing earth magnets and this is the reason why China has so much export restrictions. All the other countries have also started research on magnets because they are unable to import magnets from China which is the home for rare earth metals.