What is Custom Neodymium Magnets?

Custom neodymium magnets can be in any shape and size depending on how you customize them according to your requirements. Give your preference to China factories and they will not disappoint you. From your inventory, they offer a huge variety of neodymium magnets in every shape and size. They might have even something the same as the magnets you are looking for! Check our products to get something similar.

The neodymium magnets are the best without a doubt when it comes to performance and strength. The neodymium magnets have a pull-force of 10 times which is stronger than the magnetic field generated by the Earth. These magnets have the ability to bear much greater stress than the ferrite magnets and these are also brittle.

neodymium magnet

custom neodymium magnets:

custom neodymium magnet includes:

  • Regular magnet
  • Special magnet

In the Regular magnet category, the size is bigger than 60mm which we say “big magnet“. Most of them were manufactured to the custom neodymium magnets of normal shapes like a disc, bar cylinder, and ring. As not too many factories can produce over 60mm magnets. So even that is a regular shape but still is the custom magnet.

In the special magnet category, they manufacture custom neodymium magnets having a big size as big as 200mm. And the smallest neodymium magnet can be 0.2mm. It is hard to custom small magnets in special shapes. Special shapes that they can offer in this category are the arc and other irregular shapes and the special magnetizing directions are 4 poles, 8 poles, or direction that is not the same with the width, length, or height.

They manufacture custom neodymium magnets that are in accordance with the needs and requirements of your company. Custom neodymium magnets are available in all shapes, sizes, grades, and coating.

  • Custom neodymium magnets are of high quality and are comfortable in pricing.
  • Free samples are available.(not all China factories offer this service)
  • Design assistance.
  • Mass production of the neodymium magnets in accordance with your company‚Äôs specifications.
  • Right on the time delivery and the security stock.

Custom neodymium magnets and DIY projects nowadays

Due to the bulk availability and affordable cost of the neodymium magnets, custom neodymium magnets are nowadays being used in the variety of projects. These custom neodymium magnets can also be used for making some DIY products. Children and students perform a number of experiments with the custom neodymium magnets. In the school laboratories, students carry out experiments to check out different magnetic fields and their different properties. So, they need different shapes of the neodymium magnets and they can purchase and use custom neodymium magnets as they are available in different shapes and sizes. Small-sized custom neodymium magnets are used for making the key holder or a tool. Custom neodymium magnets have many other important applications in daily life.

The best custom neodymium magnet manufacturer is in China. It is the best custom neodymium magnet provider and supplier. Whenever you need the custom neodymium magnets, they are always there to help you out and it provides you with the best magnetic products. Any shape you want, they will do their best in saving cost and time in completing it. You can send your sketch to the magnet factory, their team and they discuss and approach you in a very short time.