Arcmanget talk about magnet

Share my magnet experience, that’s what I want to do.

I work at a China magnet factory,  a magnet salesman.

I  love my job, and love magnets too!  In fact, I am crazy about them and they are great. No matter magnetic assembly, Big size Magnets, Tiny Magnets, Spherical Magnets, Strong Magnets,  Superpower magnet,s or whatever shape or size.  I like my job, just because I like the magnet and the customer. Because we will service different customers, they use the magnet on their product. And most of the time, you will not know what they use the magnet for. And when they told you that, you will be surprised that how smart they are. They are full of creation, passion. I m very enjoy that.  It is my honor to help and provide advice on what Magnets are best to suit their specific application.

This website is about Magnets. Maybe boring for someone. But I think if you want to buy the magnet or want to come in this business, you will like it. So if you want to know something about Magnets, welcome ass us to your bookmark.

As a salesman would like to make advertising  for our company:

We are a neodymium magnet factory in China, and we supply people and companies with Big size Magnets, Spherical Magnets, Strong Magnets,  Superpower magnet,s or whatever shape or size.

If you want to purchase a magnet, you can visit the below website:  (Has a retail and customs business, high reputation in this business)   (Good at the retail business, shipping is fast and the small size and normal shape, from N35 to N52,  most of the time,  they have these magnets in stock. (Very good service, help you easily buy the magnet you want)  (Small China Neodymium Magnet Factory, but with a nice quotation and good service)